Feb 21

museum-site visitor feedback

I’m interested in putting together a website of material on a very early American female lecturer, and I’d like it to be a research site that would host organized scholarly material (her manuscript lectures and letters, her touring schedule, the slides and charts she used, local educational materials, critical essays) but also be set up for feedback from scholars interested in the material—adding their research, links to related sites, critical articles, whatever. I suppose I’m thinking about an open blog attached to a website, but I’ve been surfing some sites that talk about the repetitiveness of certain visitor comments and the problem of too much input. How can this sort of thing be organized? I was curious if people had experience with these sorts of sites (dynamic ones) that didn’t get clogged, so to speak.

G. Ganter


  1. Granville,

    I really like this idea. One question: If you’re interested in facilitating a larger scholarly discussion on oral culture in the 19th century, why limit such a site to one lecturer? You’ve got to start somewhere, of course, but it seems that you might draw broader interest in the project if you were to broaden the project’s focus. I personally have had thoughts about putting another 19th century lecturer’s materials online . . .

  2. Granville Ganter

    Yes, Zach, you’re right–I proposed small but am thinking big. The problem of a user-driven “dynamic” research site that can organize information conceptually, rather than simply a list of blog comments, is what I’m thinking about.

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