Feb 27

Intro to online archives with Omeka

Just wanted to say a little more about the Omeka workshop at THATCamp SEA, which will take place 1:40-2:30 tomorrow. Omeka, for those who don’t know, is a nice easy piece of software that lets you create online archives and exhibits. Think of it as a way of creating a searchable scholarly database of your primary sources with all of information that scholars want, plus a way of creating an interpretation and analysis of those sources. Here’s a great sample of an Omeka site related to early America: the John D. Rockefeller. Jr. Library of Colonial Williamsburg. Here, too, is a lovely Omeka site by Indiana University Libraries on the War of 1812.

Before tomorrow (or at the start of the session), please sign up for a free account on Omeka.net.

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