Monthly Archive: February 2013

Feb 27

Intro to online archives with Omeka

Just wanted to say a little more about the Omeka workshop at THATCamp SEA, which will take place 1:40-2:30 tomorrow. Omeka, for those who don’t know, is a nice easy piece of software that lets you create online archives and exhibits. Think of it as a way of creating a searchable scholarly database of your …

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Feb 26

Integrating the tactile with the digital

Here’s my question, or topic, folks–and it’s quite speculative: How can I use technology to supplement my work in material culture–both with respect to research as well as pedagogy? In particular, I’m interested in textile and garment production in early America, but the relationship between the body and the object is really difficult to reconcile …

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Feb 25

Session on database design & where else to go

Early American THATCampers, This follows a bit along Zach Hutchins’s lines, and I’d be open to sharing a session with him if he’s interested.  I’ve been working on a database of the loan records for the Easton Library Company, an Easton, Pa. shareholding library (on the model of the Lib. Co. of Philadelphia), for the …

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Feb 24

TEAMS: Transcribing Early American Manuscript Sermons

I’d like to gauge interest in and to field suggestions on how best to pursue a long-term professional goal: creating a free, electronic archive of early American manuscript sermons. In The New England Soul (1986) Harry Stout challenged “the assumption that printed sermons are the best comprehensive index to ‘what was said and done publicly’” …

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Feb 21

museum-site visitor feedback

I’m interested in putting together a website of material on a very early American female lecturer, and I’d like it to be a research site that would host organized scholarly material (her manuscript lectures and letters, her touring schedule, the slides and charts she used, local educational materials, critical essays) but also be set up for feedback from scholars …

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Feb 21

teaching basic tech skills quickly, to get to the good stuff

Hi everyone. I also have a teaching related query. (I am going to echo Lisa’s previous comment: I’ve never been involved with a THATcamp before, so I don’t know if pedagogy is the type of focus ya’ll want to have. I struggle to integrate my classroom with the amazing digital stuff available though.) I’d be …

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Feb 20

Possible topic–social annotation

Hi everyone. I’ve never been at a THATCamp before, so I’m not entirely sure how the breakout sessions work. But one topic I’ve been thinking about a bit is social annotation. I’d like my students to be able to annotate texts collectively as they read. I’ve tried to do this class wikis (Columbia uses wikispaces) …

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